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Ottobock Taleo

Active individuals (K3) who navigate varied indoor & outdoor environments and place a high value on effortless walking and the ability to go wherever life takes them.

Features include: Smooth rollover due to no dead spots and easy rollover from heel strike to toe off.

Energy efficient walking that returns the energy suited to every varying step.

Terrain conformance to navigate on uneven and rising terrain safely and comfortably.

Customizable with 3 different heel wedges.

Waterproof incl. salt and chlorine water

Slim connection adapter for easier cosmetic fitting

Sizes 22 – 30

Minimum clearance height (Size 26): 6 ¼” (158mm)

Up to 150kg / 330 lbs

The scope of delivery for the Taleo includes the footshell with connection cap, a Spectra-Sock, and a transparent (soft), grey (medium), and black (stiff) heel wedge.




I really love how smooth this foot is. It comes in multiple configurations including a Low Profile version, and a Vacuum version with torsion control (Twist-ability). The split keel (sole) design allows the foot to flex with ground variances, making for a smooth rollover. The foot comes with 3 heel wedges. Each wedge has a different level of stiffness. This allows the prosthetist to get your heel strike as comfortable as possible when you land. This foot has no dead spots in it. Which means as you’re rolling over from heel to toe it is a smooth transition, distributing energy through the duration of the rollover. This makes the foot super easy to walk on, especially for Above Knee (AK) users that need a little more energy to continue their momentum through their gait. I love this foot for all users. It has a great return for high activity users, but is safe and comfortable for those of us just working through our day to day lives.








AllPro foot from Fillauer

This is my regular everyday foot. For higher activity users I think this is the best foot on the market. The high end flexibility and rocker toe allow for a high energy return over a multitude of ground variances, while maintaining a smooth roll-over.

High energy return=Less energy output from the user. I wear this foot during most of my activities: Walking, Running, Hiking, Coaching, Etc. I do not use this foot in my super high activities such as Snowboarding or Surfing. The reasons I don’t use this foot during these activities is because of the shape (difficult to fit into a boot), and the high energy return is almost too much with the amount of force going on during those activities. I recommend this foot to many K3/4 users. If you’re looking for a foot that can keep up with a fast paced gate and a high return, this may be the foot for you!

The AllPro foot 

from Fillauer


  • Industry-leading flexibility provides excellent plantar and dorsiflexio
  • Carbon composite design for dynamic response
  • Rocker toe for easy and smooth roll-over
  • Multiaxial function
  • RPI pyramid adapter allows prosthetist to optimize alignment and performance for adult TT and TF amputees.*
  • Adjustable heel bumpers

The AllPro foot from Fillauer crosses all boundaries, combining high flexibility and dynamic performance into a foot that allows the user to work and play like a pro. Whether walking on a flat surface or traversing steep hills, the AllPro performs to meet the amputee’s multiaxial needs. If exercise or sports are on the activity list, this “do-it-all” foot easily transitions from the gym to the tennis and basketball courts, as well as the soccer, football, and lacrosse fields.