Custom Prosthetics in Salt Lake City, UT

FIT Prosthetics in Murray, UT creates custom upper extremity and lower extremity prosthetics. We work with all manufacturers and models, and provide advanced prosthetic fittings to make sure every client has the best-fitting prosthesis possible. We also provide full amputee support, including pre-amputation evaluation and follow-ups on prosthetic fit.

If you’ve experienced the loss of a limb, you know how difficult it can be to regain your confidence, independence and activity levels. One of the most important parts of adjusting to life after amputation is finding a prosthesis that fits well, feels natural and allows you to move the way you want to. If you’re a Utah-area resident in search of a trustworthy, local prosthetics company, FIT Prosthetics is here to help.

Here’s what you should know about our Houston prosthetics clinics, and how we can help you.

Fabrication & Fitting of Upper Limb Prosthetics in Houston

FIT Prosthetics is proud to offer fabrication and fitting for a variety of upper limb prosthetic devices, including hand prostheses, below-the-elbow and above-the-elbow arm prostheses, and finger prostheses. 

Our upper limb prosthetics program offers state-of-the-art capabilities. We provide body-powered prosthetics, ETD from motion control, myoelectric hands, l-digits, I-limb hand, BeBionic prosthetic hands, and Taska Prosthetic hands, to name a few.

myoelectric upper limb prosthetic devices provide cutting edge technological advantages over other prosthetic devices. Myoelectric prostheses are not driven by the muscle strength of the amputee; instead, they utilize electric power for movement. Muscle tension in the amputee’s residual limb is read by electrodes, providing control signals to the prosthesis’ electronics. This allows for a greater range of grips and more physiologically natural movement.

If you’re an upper limb amputee who is beginning the process of choosing a prosthetic device, FIT Prosthetics will help you find the right make, model and functionality for you. Our highly experienced, licensed prosthetists will evaluate your goals, limitations and expectations. We will then fabricate, fit and provide ongoing support for you so your prosthesis meets or exceeds those expectations.

Fabrication & Fitting of Lower Limb Prosthetics in Houston

Foot and leg prosthetics require a special level of attention, both during the fabrication process and the fitting process. FIT Prosthetics in Murray is dedicated to helping lower limb amputees find prosthetic devices that meet their unique needs, activity levels, and environments. 

We’ve worked with pediatric patients, geriatric patients, and competitive athletes to create dynamic, custom lower limb prosthetics. We’ve designed lower limb prosthetic devices that can support both ADLs and complex activities like bowling, hiking, golf, running and more.

FIT Prosthetics will work with you to achieve a socket fit that is as close to perfect as possible, so you can move confidently with your prosthesis, no matter where you go.

FIT Prosthetics Utilizes 3D Technology in Prosthetic Production

Unlike other prosthetics companies, FIT Prosthetics in Murray utilizes 3D technology to fabricate both upper and lower custom prosthetic limbs.

By using 3D scanners and printers to create prosthetic devices, we can produce the most precise prosthetic socket possible for each patient.

3D technology also improves the patient experience by eliminating lengthy, uncomfortable casting processes that require wet, messy plaster.

Our 3D prosthetic scanning procedure takes only 45 seconds. The technology produces a full-scale replica of a patient’s residual limb. That replica is then uploaded to our industry-leading software program where modifications can be made. This precision allows us to make very specific (and often life-changing) alterations in patients’ sockets to ensure the best possible fit for their prosthetic device.

Are you a Utah/Wyoming/Nevada/Idaho resident searching for a trustworthy, cutting-edge prosthetics company for your prostheses? Contact FIT Prosthetics to learn more about our services or to schedule a consultation.