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Breast Cancer Lima Ohio

Breast Cancer Lima Ohio

Breast cancer is the most common cancer type in women worldwide, with as many as 2 million new cases reported each year worldwide. In the United States, it is the 2nd most common cancer detected in Women. Breast cancer awareness is highly essential since breast cancer has a high survival rate if detected early. The journey from the detection to the treatment and then finally winning against breast cancer is mentally, physically, and emotionally highly exhausting. Hence, the best breast cancer care is required to ease this journey as much as possible. We at Cancer Care, located In Ohio, are the leading Breast cancer specialist in Lima, OH. Our team has years of experience to add to our plethora of accomplishments. To date, we have successfully treated several Breast cancer patients who are still connected to us today and have become a part of our care clinic family.

We at Cancer Care are well aware of the implications of breast cancer, not only for the patient but also to the patient's family and dear ones. It is a highly emotionally and physically challenging period for the patients and the family. Therefore, at our center, we aim to provide the patients with the best of care, make them feel at ease, and have a sense of comfort back in their lives. We provide the best treatment plans and make the patients and their families choose the treatment procedure they deem to be the best fit, and keep them fully aware of the process, complications, prognosis, etc. So, are they feel left out or unaware. We have a firm belief that together we can fight bright cancer; all we require is your trust.

Our team of Breast cancer doctors in Lima, OH, consists of doctors with several years of experience in breast cancer treatment and has several prestigious accomplishments. Our team is highly trained for breast cancer surgery in Lima, OH. The infamous Dr. Powell leads our team of highly credible doctors. Dr.Powell began his medical career by first graduating with a bachelor of science degree from the prestigious grove city college. After that, he moved on to get a doctorate in Osteopathic Medicine from Ohio University, Athens. Since then, he has been an oncology practitioner for more than 25 years now; he had a humble start for his oncology career in Dayton and soon progressed to opening his oncology clinic in Lima, OH in 2008. He is also an esteemed assistant professor of oncology at Ohio University.

Dr.Powell is a man who believes in progress and success. He is not the kind of doctor who only sticks to one traditional treatment; instead, he keeps his work and methodologies up to date and always treats his patients with the most advanced and successful treatment options, coupled with intensive care. With over 25 years of experience in Oncology and almost 18 years of operating in Lima, Dr. Powell is the best option for all patients who have breast cancer in Lima, Ohio; he has the experience and empathy required for the best breast cancer care and treatment.

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Breast Cancer Lima Ohio
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Breast Cancer Lima Ohio Breast Cancer Lima Ohio


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