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Commercial Walk In Freezers

Commercial Walk In Freezers

Commercial walk in freezers are not only good for business but often required by the government. Walk in freezers from Pacific Environmental Technologies, Inc. provides high-quality cold storage built on our years of experience working with clean rooms.

Who needs a cold room?

Cold rooms store products in an environment well below the outside temperature. Restaurants, hospitals, medical manufacturers and many others require such rooms to avoid spoiling everything from cultures to the cheese on your pizza.

These rooms create an entirely separate environment and are often quite large. Businesses needing such storage tend to have volumes justifying turning an entire room into a cold room.

How does cold room work?

Cold rooms require the creation of an entirely separate environment. Insulation blocks warm air from entering this room as it would normally.

However, air still moves through your room and, because of Newton’s Law, your refrigerated room will still gradually warm to nearly the temperature of the outside world. Powerful industrial-grade air conditioners keep your room cool through the hottest summer days.

Medical cold storage

Pacific Environment Technologies, Inc. specializes in creating clean rooms and storage for sensitive materials. Medical manufacturing, applied medicine, and research demand the highest quality with the slightest disruption creating undesirable and even illegal impurities.

The Food and Drug Administration specifically requires the refrigeration of certain medical devices and products. Manufacturer guidelines may lay out specific conditions that must be met as well. Products requiring refrigeration include laboratory reagents, dialyzers, disinfectants and sterilant, skin substitutes, dental products, and organs.

Energy efficient cold storage

When using air conditioning at an industrial level, energy efficiency is a key cost saving measure. Achieving efficiency means more than using a specific type of air conditioning unit.

Your insulation must be able to stand up to the harshest conditions. We use Class 1 urethane foam for the best insulation values, modular panels that lock tight yet allow for customization, and thick walls to limit air travel.

How much does a walk-in freezer cost?

Walk in refrigerators and freezers offer unparalleled cooling power for any space. These industrial marvels are custom made to outfit an entire room, with the slightest fault potentially destroying crucial supplies.

The average cold room cots between $150 and $170 per square foot to build, well over the $50 - $65 per square foot required to create a dry space. Insulation, special walls, air conditioning, seals, and the need for specialized construction work are the main drivers of cost.

Commercial Walk in freezers in the United States

Pacific Environmental Technologies, Inc. has years of experience creating cold storage that fits inside and outside your facility. Our experts use the best materials to bring efficiency and value to your project.

Product loss, especially in the medical industry, is a major issue. Commercial walk in coolers and freezers offer the ability to eliminate waste with our customizable and modular walk in freezers for sale providing value as well as flexibility.

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Commercial Walk In Freezers
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Commercial Walk In Freezers


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