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Prosthetics are made to provide an amputee with the ability to move around and perform various routine tasks. This helps them to be self-reliant even after losing a limb. At Fit Prosthetics, we provide our patients with hanger prosthetics in Utah that match their needs. We use 3D printing and scanning to ensure that each prosthetic is the right fit for every user.

What Should You Know Before Getting Prosthetics?

If you’re planning on getting prosthetics, here are some important details that you should know beforehand:

  • Your Needs May Change – Over time, your need for prosthetics may change, especially as the tissue around your amputated limb continues healing and settling into a more permanent state. As such, you may find a prosthetic that was working perfectly, causing you pain or discomfort. If that happens, you should consult your prosthetist, who might recommend getting new equipment that works for your current state.
  • It May Take Time to Work – Getting used to a prosthetic limb can take time, so you need to be patient. You might be faced with challenges such as pain or the changing shape of your remnant limb. Rehabilitation can help you go through the difficult phases until you’re finally able to move or use your artificial limb well.
  • It’s Not An Option for Everyone – Prosthetics can only be prescribed to amputees who qualify. One of the determining factors is the amount of soft tissue cushioning the bone near where a limb was amputated. It also depends on how much motion you can manage with your limb.

How to Choose A Prosthetist

The prosthetist you choose will have a huge role to play in the success of your prosthetic use. Therefore, it’s important to take time when looking for one. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Qualification – Ask your potential prosthetist for certifications to prove that they’re qualified professionals. Accreditations from organizations such as the Board of Certification (BOC) can also confirm the legitimacy and skill level of a practitioner.
  • Success Rate – Find out whether the prosthetist has worked with other patients with your condition, and if their services were useful. Just like in many other professions, you can tell a skilled prosthetist from an unskilled one by their track record.

How Can You Maximize the Benefits of A Prosthetic?

Once you get your prosthetic, there are several things you can do to ensure it works for you. First, you need to continue with rehabilitation until your prosthetist advises otherwise. In addition, engage in physical exercise to gain strength in your limbs, which will help you adapt to the artificial one. This can, however, be challenging, so it’s advisable to enlist the services of a physical therapist who’ll guide you on safe and painless ways to do this. You’re also recommended to wear your prosthetic as much as possible so that you can get used to it.

Expert Prosthetist at Your Service

At Fit Prosthetics, we have a prosthetist with almost two decades of experience. With his skills and the high-quality equipment we use, you’re guaranteed to get expert services from us. Give us a call today on (801) 912-0500 for any questions about hanger prosthetics in Utah.

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Hanger Prosthetics Utah


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