Mail Back Medical Waste

Mail Back Medical Waste

Consider how a mail back medical waste program could save your healthcare facility time and money over having to schedule pick-ups for your biohazard items. MP1 Solutions can save you a few steps every day by streamlining your Sharps Container disposal. If your current disposal set-up is inconvenient or problematic in any way, give us a call at 888-906-1311 to speak with one of our service specialists about getting signed up for our mail back medical waste program- or inquire about our other services that include:

  • Medical waste disposal
  • Pharmaceutical waste disposal
  • HIPAA Compliance solutions
  • OSHA Employee Training
  • Data & document destruction
  • Managed IT

3 Reasons to Choose MP1 Solution For Mail Back Medical Waste

1. Mailing back your Sharps Container is a much easier option than scheduling a pick-up. If you’ve had problems in the past with coordinating a time between your staff and a pick-up company, you can certainly appreciate our program. Your mail back container comes complete with everything required for proper disposal of your sharps waste.

After using a sharps-approved item, such as a scalpel, syringe, needle, or lancet, simply drop it in the Sharps Container; when it’s full, you have several mail back options, depending on which one is most convenient for your facility.

2. Our mail back Sharps Container program is government approved, so there’s absolutely no worries about compliance issues. You’ll receive a Certificate of Destruction for your records after every mail back. Can you think of an easier way to disposal of sharp disposable implements at your workplace?

If it’s your first time using a mail back medical waste program, our staff at MP1 Solution will answer all of your questions and help you get set up when you contact us by phone or through our website. Why not give our program a try and see for yourself how easy and convenient it is?

3. We’ve perfected the process of disposing of sharps, in fact, you’ll most likely find that our program is more affordable than most pick-up agencies. With that in mind, it’s easy to see why we are the first choice for all of the following:

  • Doctor’s office locations
  • Homes
  • Nursing homes & assisted living facilities
  • Veterinarians
  • Tattoo clinics

Hiring MP1 Solution for mail back medical waste is sure to be the best decision you make this year. You naturally have many questions about how our program works and how you can get started; you’ll find a wealth of information available on our website when you click the ‘Solutions’ link. You’ll also find a green ‘Get a Quote’ button, which will save you time if you’re interested in finding out about the costs.

If you prefer to speak with someone in-person over the phone, reach out to MP1 Solution by calling 888-906-1311. Someone from our team will be happy to help you determine whether our biomedical waste disposal solutions are right for your situation. Review our credentials and company information on our site, as well.

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Mail Back Medical Waste Mail Back Medical Waste


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