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Outpatient Treatment For Alcohol Anaheim

Outpatient Treatment For Alcohol Anaheim

At Star Recovery Centers, we know that dealing with alcoholism alone isn’t easy. If you’ve begun developing withdrawal whenever going out of alcohol for several hours, you need outpatient treatment for alcohol in Anaheim fast. Alcoholism is progressive and chronic in nature, so don’t expect things to get any better if you avoid expert treatment.

What is the ideal treatment for alcohol addiction?

The ideal treatment for alcohol addiction needs to include several programs and procedures like:

  • In-depth clinical assessment – We need to know your medical history and current health and addiction status to create a patient-oriented recovery program that may span for weeks or months to follow. The assessment and diagnosis phase will allow our professionals to identify any co-occurring disorders, plan the medication treatment, and set therapies in place to cope with your issues.
  • Detoxification phase – The detox stage usually lasts for a couple of weeks, during which your will overcome the withdrawal, flush the toxins from your system, and regain your physical and mental stability.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment – We offer medication and therapy to cope with co-occurring disorders like depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, anxiety, etc. The dual diagnosis program is vital for sustainable recovery and long-term lifestyle improvement. It provides patients with the tools they need to manage or heal their mental issues and embrace a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle over the years. It is also a powerful anti-relapse mechanism.
  • Inpatient care – We recommend inpatient treatment as a follow-up to detox, during which we reinforce the patients’ commitment to sobriety. The inpatient program may last between 30 to 90 days, depending on your addiction’s severity and your overall progress.
  • Outpatient program – If you require or wish outpatient services, we can recommend you to our preferred partners for extensive outpatient care and support. The outpatient treatment for alcohol in Anaheim will reset your view on healthy living and help with fast and smooth social reintegration.
  • Aftercare assistance – We offer aftercare support services indefinitely, so long as you need our guidance. Our professionals will offer counseling, therapy, and personal growth support, helping you build a flourishing career, and satisfying personal life, and incorporate sobriety into your daily life.

Rehabilitate from alcohol addiction

Alcoholism is a life-altering condition with deadly potential. It will not cure itself, and it will keep progressing until it destroys your life entirely. To prevent that, you need to act fast. Our rehabilitation program meets the industry's highest quality standards, offering the opportunity to begin a life-changing recovery journey. And you will not be alone along the way. The outpatient treatment for alcohol in Anaheim promotes peer support via group meetings and smooth social reintegration. You will meet other people in the same situation as you, get their help, and help them back yourself as you grow into a more positive, active, and responsible individual.

Contact Star Recovery Centers, come in for an immediate assessment, and we’ll take it from there! This is your chance to make a difference and start life anew.

Outpatient Treatment For Alcohol Anaheim

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Outpatient Treatment For Alcohol Anaheim Outpatient Treatment For Alcohol Anaheim


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