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Fit Prosthetics is a top-rated modern prostheses company delivering the best quality pro-fit prosthetics in Salt Lake City. Our mission is to help our patients increase their confidence, mobility, and quality of life.

What are the prosthetics?

Prosthetics are artificial parts that substitute a missing portion of the body. A prosthetic implant is great for improving someone's quality of life by restoring their appearance and function after losing a limb. The missing body part may have been absent at birth, through amputation or following an accident. In most cases, amputees lose a body section as a part of treatment for severe infection, cancer, and diabetes or limb fracture.

Some latest technology prosthetics for body parts such as the feet and hands look precisely like the natural missing limb. There's a wide range of prosthetics, and the type of your device will depend on the amputation location, size of your residue limb, and your functional and lifestyle needs.

How to choose the right prosthetic specialist

You’ll stay and wear your prosthetic implant for the rest of your life. So it’s critically essential to assure yourself you’ve got the right and reliable practitioner who'll be able to meet your unique needs for a long time to come. Unfortunately, choosing a prosthetic specialist can be overwhelming, but thousands of other amputees have found their way through, and you'll be the next.

Whether you're a new amputee, looking for a new prosthetist, or preparing for amputation surgery, you should make the selection of your prosthetic provider thoughtfully. Your primary doctor can refer you to multiple prosthetic specialists near you, and you'll need to make the right choice. So here’re essential things to look for in a reliable prosthetic company to provide you with one of the modern pro-fit prosthetics Salt Lake City has to offer:

  • Credentials and licensing
  • Location convenience
  • Check online reviews
  • Communication skills
  • Experience and reputation
  • Quality and durability of the prosthesis
  • Staff professionalism

High-quality and dependable prosthetics near you

We’re one of the five-star and remarkable prosthetic companies in Utah and the unmatched company in the Salt Lake City community. We provide a wide variety of latest technology and durable prosthetic implants rare to find anywhere else. We offer the following prosthetic types:

  • Above knee prosthetic (Transfemoral)
  • Below knee prosthetic (Transtibial)
  • Upper extremity hands and arms

You don't have to worry about your busy life or transportation because we can travel to you at home, work, skilled nursing home, physician's office, or at the hospital. Additionally, we offer weekend and evening appointments to save you money and time on travel.

Get a prosthetic that meets your unique needs

If you’re looking for a prosthetic implant that’ll meet all your functional and lifestyle needs, we’re here to provide you with one of the high-quality pro-fit prosthetics in Salt Lake City.

Don’t go any further looking for a professional prosthetic company to elevate your quality of custom prosthetic care. Fit Prosthetics are here to serve you. Contact us now to schedule an appointment to experience our professionalism, commitment, and undisputable quality care.

pro fit prosthetics Salt lake city
pro fit prosthetics Salt lake city
154 E Myrtle Ave Ste 100
Murray UT 84107 US

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pro fit prosthetics Salt lake city pro fit prosthetics Salt lake city


We are fully accredited. Fit Prosthetics has received their facility accreditation from the (Board of Certification/Accreditation (BOC). As a BOC accredited facility, we have proven ourselves to meet the highest standards for patient care in the orthotic and prosthetic profession.