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Arizona Addiction Recovery Center is setting the stage for a life worth living.

Experience top quality treatment in a setting that inspires lasting change for individuals here at Arizona Addiction Recovery Center. We are a team of leading professionals working with you at our acclaimed addiction treatment centers in Arizona offering distinct recovery programs for young adults aged between 18 and 35 and for older adults, 35 and above. Our specialized services redefine long-term success through effective treatment, and detox ranging from intervention to medical detox to residential/inpatient drug rehab and the list continues. We’re ready to help you set the stage for a life worth living. If you are interested or would like further information, please give our clinic a call on (888) 512-1705 and chat to one of our friendly staff members. 

Arizona has become among the nation’s genuinely essential regions within the scope of residential treatment, and at Arizona Addiction Recovery Center, we are here to help you every step of the way. Addiction treatment programs for young adults aged between 18 and 35 and those 35+ at rehab in Arizona offers life-changing components designed to in-still high-quality, long-term sobriety within a valued existence. Speak confidentially with a recovery adviser available for you 24/7 on (888) 512-1705.

Our unique approach to addiction treatment has proven to create critical differences in affecting how our clients can attain a long-term, high-quality recovery. The program here at Arizona Addiction Recovery Center not only work with you to help you overcome the addiction in our residential drug rehab center but also sets you up for success in life. Your reinvigorated burning desire to live without the use of drugs and alcohol is in the foreseeable future, and we have what it takes to get you there. Are you ready for lasting change and quality sobriety? Scroll through our website menu and click “Contact Us” in the drop-down box to send us a sealed, confidential email regarding your circumstances and here back from our of our professional and hospitable staff.

Testimonials are a way in which we can assess personal achievement through the eyes of others, such as family and loved ones of our clients. The firsthand and ongoing success stories in sobriety among our alumni is something in which we pride ourselves on, and we can’t wait to read yours. Previous clients have claimed that the clinic assisted them to work on their life skills and taught them how to set up for a life of success on the journey to sobriety. Our respectfulness and personal engagement with our clients has aided them on their road to redemption.

If you’re ready to find our how Arizona Addiction Recovery Center can benefit your current circumstances, gives a call on (888) 512-1705 and speak confidentially to one of our staff members. Let’s pave the road together; success is around the next bend.

Rehabs Arizona
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Rehabs Arizona


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