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Sarasota Long Term Care

Sarasota Long Term Care
First Benefits Group can help you make sense out of the Medicare supplements that are available to you. As a Sarasota long term care advisor, they can help you navigate the complex system and direct you to the supplement plan that is right for you. For more information, please call 941-361-3057.
Sarasota residents looking for long term care insurance will find the information they’re looking for at First benefits understands it’s not always easy to understand the Medicare terminology and how the system works; that’s why they have streamlined the process to help their clients make sense out of the Parts and Plans associated with medicare.
There are 8 basics that Sarasota residents should know when it comes to long term care benefits from Medicare:
1. It’s essential to plan for long-term care. While everyone hopes to live a long and healthy life, the fact remains that with aging comes the need for some assistance. Approximately 70% of Sarasota residents who reach the age of 65 will require long term care. 
2. Long term care is expensive! In case you haven’t researched the costs of LTC, it’s estimated that only one year in a nursing home can cost more than $76,000. While home health care is less expensive than nursing home care, you can still expect to pay $36,000 - $40,000 per year that you receive care in your home.
3. Medicare or health insurance will not cover your long term care. Typically, medicare covers the costs of services needed for a short amount of time.
4. Not everyone qualifies for Medicaid. While Medicaid does cover Sarasota Long Term Care, only those with a low income or limited resources will qualify for the program. If you wish to protect the assets you’ve worked a lifetime to accumulate, Medicaid may not be your best option.
5. Your spouse may not be able to provide the physical care that’s needed for long term care. Family caregivers frequently suffer from stress and illness, along with lost wages, when they transition to caregiving.
6. There’s no better time to start planning than now. If you don’t know how you will pay for the care you may need, it’s time to start thinking about LTC. Having a plan in place for when that day comes can help greatly reduce or eliminate the emotional strain that many families face.
7. The availability and cost of long term care is based on age and good health, making it essential to start planning as early as possible. 
8. When it comes to Sarasota long term care, some coverage is better than none. It’s better to have a small policy in place that you can afford than to not own a policy at all simply  because you can’t afford the one you want.
Please contact First benefits Group by calling 941-361-3057 and ask one of their specialists about a LTC policy. They believe in educating their clients who may be concerned, confused or overwhelmed with the choices and cost of healthcare. Call First Benefits Group today and get the coverage you need.
Sarasota Long Term Care
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Sarasota Long Term Care


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