Freedom QUATTRO Microprocessor Knee by PROTEOR is designed to give users the freedom to live their lives without interruption. With PROTEOR’s innovative H.A.R.T. Control Technology, Quattro is the first MPK to provide a unique customized experience that captures users’ distinctive gait patterns. Boasting 20 user modes, remote data capture, outcome measure reporting, and independent resistance for stairs/ramps and sitting, it challenges and drives the status quo for MPK’s to the next level.


I have tried this knee a few times although it was before the production model hit the market. 20 user modes is vast compared to other knees out there, and gives users more control over their daily routine. It has a shorter build height than most knees, which makes it easier to fit to the majority of above knee patients. It has a built in battery that lasts up to 3 days depending on how active you are on a day to day basis. In my opinion it is very similar to the C-Leg, with a few key differences, including price. Message us today to request a trial!