KENEVO: Prosthetists around the world told us that they were looking for an intelligent system for people with lower mobility grades – a system that grows with the abilities that the user gains during rehabilitation, for example, and that adapts just as well when mobility decreases. Users wanted a knee joint that would support them in their specific movement sequences but with a clear focus: on safety. Kenevo was inspired by this desire. It is the first prosthetic fitting solution in the world with state-of-the-art technology developed specifically for the needs of users with mobility grades 1 and 2.

C-LEG4: The Ottobock C-Leg is the original microprocessor knee. Since its launch in 1997, the C-Leg has set the standard for every other knee available, and is the world’s most studied prosthetic device. Our research proves that with C-Leg, you will experience less falls. Because of the increased safety, your confidence in the knee will give you the freedom to no longer think about how or where you walk.

GENIUM: With an unprecedented, natural gait pattern, taking stairs step-over-step, overcoming obstacles, walking backwards, relaxed standing – to name just a few examples. People with a transfemoral amputation experience a range of new functions that provide perfect support for their desire to live a more active and independent everyday life. Based on human movement as the model, the Genium has been developed even further. The result is a noticeably smoother gait and even better support and safety in everyday situations, for instance on ramps, in confined spaces or when changing walking speeds.

X3: The X3 has now been developed even further for smoother, more intuitive walking, improved safety, and better support in everyday situations. Building on the unique functionality of the Genium leg prosthesis, the X3 is particularly robust and resilient. Physically demanding occupations, an active family life, swimming and sports activities, seaside holidays and situations where you encounter water, dust, sand, dirt, or grime – these are the ideal conditions for the X3.


KENEVO: I love this knee for our lower activity users (K1-2)! It is a great MPK (MicroProcessor Knee) for those of us that are looking to be safe and stable in everyday life, but don’t want to be held back by the functionality of our equipment. The KENEVO uses the same MicroProcessor technology as the C-LEG, with emphasis on safety and comfort. I really love how safe it feels when taking short steps. It makes things like shuffling/walking around in the kitchen or bathroom as smooth and safe as any knee on the market.

C-LEG4: The C-Leg is the king of MPK’s. Not only has it been on the market the longest, it probably is the most common MPK used by AK’s. It is a great knee for active users because of it’s weatherproofing, and preconfigured modes that you can access through the “Cockpit” app. This knee has modes like “Biking” or “Running” that allow the knee to respond correctly during each activity, opening up the possibilities of what you are capable of on your every day device.

GENIUM/X3: The Genium and X3 are the most robust knees on the market today. I love both of them for the most active of users, as well as those of us that want to push boundaries every day. The X3 is the same basic knee as the Genium with a couple of cosmetic improvements like a rubber casing, so you can really beat it up and not worry. These knees have a “Relaxed Standing” function that allows you to lock the knee out at whatever angle you need in that moment, creating a safe/comfortable stance. They also have a “Step over Step” function. Which allows you to climb steps and curbs step over step, although it still does take a lot of strength and coordination.



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