Alec McMorris
Patient Advocate

Alec McMorris lost his leg in an auto-pedestrian accident. In October of 2013. Since that time Alec has been devoted to helping amputees. He has worked in the world of prosthetics for 5 years. Consulting for Freedom Innovations and Ottobock. As well as the University of Utah with their Bionic Engineering program, to help develop robotic prosthetics.

In 2015 Alec helped start the “Sky’s the Limbit” peer support group. That still meets regularly the last Tuesday of every month. He speaks regularly to able bodied groups and fellow amputees, about some of the challenges that come with missing a limb. As well as tactics to overcome said challenges.

Alec also coaches High School football at Grantsville High. As the Special Teams coordinator/Defensive Backs coach. In his free time you can find him snowboarding in the winter. And on the lake in the summer.