Taleo Side Flex by OTTOBOCK

The 1C58 Taleo Side Flex was designed for active users who navigate varied indoor and outdoor environments and place a high value on secure, effortless walking and socket comfort. Thanks to innovative technology, it offers more freedom of movement in everyday life and ensures secure, full-surface ground contact with its Terrain Adaption Unit – even on uneven surfaces and slopes. The prosthetic foot’s terrain adaptation reduces the lateral load on the knee or in the socket, which can often cause discomfort to the user, and can minimize compensating movements. You decide where you go.


We have reviewed the Taleo family of feet before. Since then Ottobock has come out with another version of this amazing foot. The side flex version offers all of the benefits of the other feet. It feels very safe and secure on all walking conditions, and has and amazing return. Creating a smooth roll over with no dead spots. The side flex adds 10 degrees of flex in both directions, for more control and balance walking on uneven terrain. I love all versions of these feet for their safety and mobility. Call for a demo today!