Linx is the world’s only fully integrated limb and winner of multiple awards for design and innovation.

Working as one Limb, Linx delivers an experience that mimics the incredible and complex structure of the human leg by actively sensing and analyzing data on the user movement, activity, environment and terrain providing a coordinated stream of instructions to the hydraulic support system.

The result is a walking experience that is closer to nature than ever before.



In my opinion this the most “complete” knee/ankle device on the market today. The benefit of this microprocessor set up is that the knee and ankle are ran by a single control system. This system feels very natural and fluid throughout its swing phase. I find this leg allows for walking on uneven or “natural” terrain much easier. Because you get a little push out of the ankle, it takes less energy and momentum to continue through your gait. I think this is a good system for higher activity patients who still don’t feel super safe on their MPK.

Linx - Integrated Limb System - Blatchford US & Canada